Artesys is my oldest continual client. I have been creating quarterly videos for them since 2009. These animations are meant to provide Artesys subscribers with an entertaining and engaging delivery of quarterly investment portfolio progress as well as summaries of current events affecting financial markets. They also include educational segments that explain certain methodologies that Artesys may use to make changes to portfolio allocation. As these represent up to date information about the closing quarter and are provided near the beginning of the current quarter, the turn-around time on these is a tight schedule.

The process itself is the largest challenge. After receiving a script and Powerpoint containing relevant charts, the project must be storyboarded, animated, and delivered within 3 to 4 weeks. Averaging around 11 minutes in length, one might be impressed to see these reports come to vibrant life on such a regular basis. Over the course of the project, I have streamlined tasks, including writing my own expressions and data-source compiling plugins for After Effects. Every quarter, I learn more and am able to spend less time worrying about implementation and more time thinking about the best ways to quickly convey complex financial matters.