User engagement can come from may avenues, and sometimes fun activities that may go beyond typical information delivery can still work to reinforce brand awareness. This series of quick-play mobile games were intended to build product knowledge though smaller chunks of information set amongst less specific tidbits. The players make their way through a “map” that has several branches, each with different game type nodes. Nodes could require several completions of progressive difficulty levels before allowing the player to move further along that particular map branch, until the last difficulty level of the last node has been completed.

Throughout play, there are several opportunities to unlock alternate pathways or even gain power boosts. These boosts could provide the player with the ability to slow a mini-game’s timer, double the players points for the next mini-game played, unlock certain nodes, and more. As the lead designer, I helped create the game progression, score system, mini-game types, and design language. I provided early prototypes, as well as final design comps. I worked with developers to ensure enjoyable play with the right pace.