Seagate is one of the world’s leading data storage companies and I was excited to work with them as Lead Designer on this project. The client needed a Learning Management System that focused on giving sales associates the best tools and information to provide options to customers in need of data storage solutions. Members of any product provider can sign up and experience a fun and informative portal that delivers educational modules, data-filled sales sheets, relevant articles, and various other activities and tools.

Working with a well-known brand comes with its own set of challenges. Though they can sometimes be difficult to overcome, restraints lead to more focused deliverables.

I designed nearly every aspect of the UI for this content delivery portal, from wireframes to finished product.

I worked with project team leaders to fully consolidate and implement the design throughout, including information architecture, wireframing, spec definitions, imagery, and final layout. I worked closely with the development team during implementation and deployment. I have continued to consult and design for iterative updates, as well as entirely new features. This project included a new member advancement structure that helps gauge performance within the program. It involves a “experience point” leveling system that gives members a real sense of accomplishment through titles and badges. This system even allows some members (dependent on geography) to trade accumulated “bytes” for some pretty great swag. Fully responsive layouts were maintained throughout the portal as well as all learning materials and tools. Using the Foundation as a base, we created a solid and well documented design and development repository. This tool provides designers and developers with knowledge and assets, giving them more flexibility when dealing with challenges and devoting les time to repetitive tasks.

Users expected clear access and concise information. Account information was split in order to give the content some breathing room. Users felt less intimidated and therefore more apt to provide a more complete profile.