Sky Zone was one of the first trampoline parks to hit the scene. It was an amazing opportunity to introduce a brand in a totally new market. The novelty of the project also provided some interesting challenges.

The first hurdle was determining the target audiences and narrowing the scope to meet those needs. We found the audiences of focus to be young adults (ages 18-35) in need of adding fun to a fitness routine and the guardians of children (ages 8-12) looking for an exciting activity. The brand had to speak to physical activity with a focus on fun.

I achieved our goals by starting with a bold and colorful palette that stood out from other fitness facilities such as gyms, recreation centers, or sports fields. I used silhouettes of bodies in motion overlaid with diagonal stripes of rough color patterns to solidify the idea of kinetic energy. These elements were matched with fun headlines and enthusiastic copy to entice the target audience.