Arrested Machine is really just Andrew Finch. I am a graphic designer in Saint Louis, Missouri, as well as an awfully swell fellow. All work shown was created while freelancing or working at one of several agencies: Sandbox Creative, CFX, Atomicdust, or Motivation Technologies.

I encourage anyone visiting my site to also check out these agencies’ sites. They all do great work.

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I grew up wanting to apply my creative aptitude to most of the endeavors in my life. In high school I found myself drawn towards the amazing combination of storytelling and detailed art in comic books and it wasn’t long before I was looking for the same messages in other forms of art and design. Billboards, commercials, magazine ads, video games, movies, priceless works of high art, and throw away junk mail: all of these had a message. I enjoyed finding new methods to use design to express ideas in similar ways. And so my passion for graphic design was born.

Near-term goals: To keep on keepin’ on. I’d say my current methods of acquiring new work has given me the desired outcomes I’ve needed, and allowed me to do great work for great clients. I value my relationships with clients above all, and I feel that fostering the best relationships gives all parties involved better outcomes than spending copious amounts of effort and time on bad relationships.

Long-term goals: To find more freelance clients overseas, and if I’m lucky enough be able to become a full-time employee (or freelancer) in the EU.

I currently work full-time as a Senior Interaction Designer. This curtails my freelance workload quite a bit. I do take on new clients periodically for the right projects, so if you have something in mind, drop me a line.

Also, if you are located in Europe, and are looking for an American designer with experience in international and multi-language projects, I am most certainly your guy!


UI/UX (Web & App) 80%
General Awesomeness 95%
Print 80%
Motion Graphics 50%
Front-End Development 20%
Branding 70%
Illustration (2D & 3D) 50%

Why Wordpress?

“Hey Andrew!”, you might say.  “Why would a UX/UI focused designer use a Wordpress template?”

That’s a great question, and a viable concern if you are looking to hire a designer. I decided that it was more important to focus my time and resources into filling out the content. Content is King! To me, it was more valuable to invest my time in finding a clean and simple solution that was able to put forth my content. I could have designed and developed my own design (and I have to admit, I have plans in motion to replace this site with my own designs) but in order to put forth what I needed in a timely manner I felt that a template would do the job nicely. I also figured that my body of work could easily show that I have the skills to create sites for many different needs and styles, therefore making it slightly less necessary to create a portfolio site from scratch. If you would like to let me know your thoughts on the subject, feel free to tweet at me!

Additional: This site does not represent a company. It is the portfolio of Andrew Finch. Arrested Machine acts solely as a pseudonym for Andrew Finch. Andrew Finch may or may not claim ownership of any or all work represented on this site. Andrew Finch has done his best to respect any proprietary information belonging to the entities he has worked for and with. If you have found any content that you believe to be in violation of the trust Andrew has worked hard to build and maintain, please contact him directly and he will work to rectify any issues.