How do you give Retail Service Providers a ton of great sales techniques without overwhelming them with information overload? That was the challenge that the Sales Pursuit game looked to surmount. Over many meetings, sketches, and interaction prototypes, the game began to take shape. I worked closely with a team of developers and a game specialists to bring together a game that was both fun and informative. There were three versions of the game, each more complex than the previous.

Making sales fun

The game had two objectives: Maximum replay value and painless factoid delivery. This project was a study of balance. How does one create a game that is centered on education without hindering delight?

I created all the isometric characters and store layouts in 3D. I also created all the UI elements and helped to determine the best interactions, play speed, and gaming elements to captivate users. I additionally created all promotional elements to for the game to coincide with the Intel Retail Edge Program. Game engagement was quite high, especially in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) regions, where it was paired with competitions in which users could earn prizes and leader status.

Promoting play

A captivating experience requires a deep understanding of what players want and expect. This game was an unexpected offering to members of a program that traditionally focused more on straight forward content delivery.